Customer counters provide accurate visitor numbers so you don’t need to rely on staff estimates when working out how many people enter your business. Using electronic people counting equipment means you have people traffic totals to determine conversion ratios to gauge the effectiveness of your business.

At TotalCount our people counters are installed in a range of commercial business, including small shopping centres, retail shops and service venues such as libraries, museums, visitor information centres, art galleries and community centres and clubs.

We have supplied people counters overseas to the United States, the UK, Canada and many other countries, including countries in our local area – Fiji, New Caledonia, Hong Kong and New Zealand. We have been supplying people counting equipment since 1995.

To see the potential of a door counter or footfall counter, total up how much money you spend on advertising, displays, promotions and sales and staff wages. How well is this money working for your business? How many people are you attracting? At what rate is your sales staff converting this traffic into sales? Are you supplying enough staff to service the level of customer traffic entering your business?

Our people counters can give you accurate count data to help answer these questions.

At TotalCount we supply:

  • PC-based people counting system – made up of a sensor, control box, software etc. With this system you get counts logged on your PC and can get hourly, daily, monthly and yearly reports.
  • Stand-alone people counters which are made up of a sensor with a Counter Module. The total on the Counter Module can be viewed at any time and, if required, reset to zero – for example at the end of each day, week or month.
  • People counting sensors – we have a variety of horizontal beam sensors as well as ceiling mounted sensors.
  • Transmitters.


With this computerised people counting system, counts are logged into a data file on your local PC – reports can be run on this PC – hourly, daily, monthly and yearly reports as well as comparison reports.


Stand-alone people counters – these comprise a sensor with a TC Counter Module. The total on the TC Counter Module can be viewed at any time and, if required, reset to zero – for example at the end of each day, week or month.

People counting sensors

People counting sensors are triggered by people entering and leaving. We have a range of sensors used for The PC-based or stand-alone people counting:

Horizontal beam sensors

The traditional sensor used was the photoelectric sensor to a reflector or through beam sensors – these have become a relatively low cost option. They do lack some accuracy, depending on how wide the entrance is. The wider the entrance the greater likelihood of people entering or leaving next to each other or crossing the beam together in the entrance – some counts will be missed. This is likely to be a relatively consistent statistical error. Making the traffic counts still useful for trends over time, visitation numbers and comparisons.

We also use newer technology horizontal beam sensors – see diffuse reflective sensors on the sensor page. These can also be installed viewing down from above an entrance on a single door width entrance.

Ceiling mounted thermal imaging sensor

The thermal sensor is able to detect and count multiple people as they enter or leave or cross in the entrance – leading to high accuracy. These do add substantially to the cost of a system – in some instances a horizontal beam cannot be installed discretely – and a ceiling mounted thermal suits. Of course, the high accuracy of the thermal sensor is an excellent reason to choose the thermal as the first option.

People counter installation

For new fit-outs – if you can supply us with architectural plans or drawings of your premises and we can make suggestions to ensure you get a people counter that is right for your situation. For existing locations – drawings and/or photos would help us make suggestions.

Although our people counters are designed to be easy to install and come with full instructions we have contract installers in all mainland capital cities and service many regional areas. We have been supplying and installing people counters since 1995.

Contact TotalCount for a cost-effective way to find out how many people are coming through your doors.