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Computerised people counters

TotalCount has been supplying PC-Based People Counting systems since 2003. The system has gone through numerous updates and today we can offer a range of visitor counting packages at reasonable pricing. The software for the computer based counting system is Microsoft® Windows based and logs a count each time the sensor, which is installed across the doorway, detects someone. Counts are stored in a data file on the local PC in one minute buckets.

In addition to the logging software the system comes with WinCounter People Counting Reports Software. Reports can be run at any time – Daily Traffic Reports and Weekly Traffic Reports showing people traffic per hour. Totals Reports detailing daily, weekly, monthly or yearly total traffic. Or a Comparison Report which compares selected days counts. At any time you can access the Stored Traffic Counts to select a start date and finish date to generate a new and specific report.

What you get with TotalCount People Counters

We supply a quality sensor to detect people traffic, power supply units, Opto-Coupler Control Box, the connector to your PC and people counting software with a one year update and support. Installation brackets, reflector and screws are also included. Any of our sensor – see or sensor page – can be used with The PC Based System.

The sensor is cabled to the Opto-Coupler Control Box and then plugged into the PC or we can supply our M100 Transmitter and Receiver units so there is no need to run cable between the Sensor and the Opto-Coupler Control Box. This option makes installation a quicker and easier process.

The system is straight forward to install. A person handy with tools, an electrician or cabler can install the system. For the installer there is a full step-by-step guide to installing the sensor, Control Box and Software.

Which Sensor to Use?  It is suggested to contact us to discuss which Sensor(s) would suit the specifics of your entrance(s). We have a summary of Entrance Types and also the TC Thermal Sensor which may help you decide which of our Sensor would suit your entrance.

Systems available:

  1. Standard Version WinCounter Software – Visitor Counter – suits single entry sites. This comes as either a cabled door counter or transmitter version.
  2. Professional Version WinCounter Software – Visitor Counter – Comes in either  cabled or transmitter footfall counter version.The system has added features including the facility to export data to Head Office. It also allows for sites with more than one entrance. For example, a shop, shopping centre or arcade with multiple entrances. The system also caters for Directional and Group Counting – for these an extra sensor may be needed.

Please contact us for further information.

See below for Sample Reports that WinCounter can generate