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Pro-Count is our Cloud Based People Counting solution.


For a Single Entry location using a standard Horizontal Beam sensor: $1,606*

If a ceiling mounted Thermal Sensor is used, add: $1,210

If an M100 Transmitter is used, add: $297

*This includes up to 1 year on our server. After the first year, if kept on our server: $231 per year.

Note that installation can usually be arranged. Price TBA.

Pro-Count comprises a sensor at the shop entrance with a Transmitter or cabling back to one of our Pro-Count Routers located at the existing shop router/modem.

The system bypasses the store computer and communicates directly to the web via your existing store router/modem.

Counts are logged onto the Pro-Count Router in 1 minute blocks. The Server (either the TotalCount Server or the Client’s own server) polls each Pro-Count Router to transfer the counts to an SQL Data File on the Server. Reports are emailed out each morning to the client. These daily/weekly/monthly reports are always available on the Server and can be opened in Excel. The Counts are also available in CSV file format for importing into client POS or custom software.

At store level the counts can be viewed on a local computer using the Pro-Count Router’s IP Address.

Pro-Count can accommodate locations with multiple entrances and clients with multiple locations. Sample reports below.

Which Sensor to Use?  We have a summary of Entrance Types and also the TC Thermal Sensor which may help you decide which of our Sensor would suit your entrance. Contact us to discuss options further.

For more information and to discuss your particular requirements, please contact us for on (03) 9743 5189 or email us 

See below for Sample Reports that Pro-Count can generate


Pro-Count Sample Reports