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A sensor will automatically detect a person walking past it and this triggers the people counter. TotalCount’s popular people counting system sensors can be used on stand-alone units, computer based or procount and at TotalCount we can provide you with the ideal sensor for your shop, business or organisation.

Types of sensor

These sensors send a beam across an entrance to a prismatic reflector. When a person walks through the entrance the beam is broken and a pulse is sent to the people counter. These include our TC-4 PE Beam Sensor, the TC-8 PE Beam Sensor.

These use two sensor bodies viewing across an entrance at each other – a Sender and a Receiver. These are suitable for Auto-Doors TC- D Sensor and wider entrances TC-15 Dual PE Sensor.

We have a range of these – our main one is the TC-D10 Diffuse Reflective Sensor. These send a beam out across an entrance or down from above the entrance. When people break the beam they momentarily act as a “reflector”, which triggers a count. Suited to situations where a prismatic reflector can’t be installed opposite the sensor. High cost unit.

These are installed above the entrance inside the shop. These monitor a comprehensive area at the entrance – are a high cost unit – highly accurate as can count multiple people entering and/or leaving the shop at the same time. Can be set to count IN and Out as separate totals. Well suited for clubs where they may be able to be used to give a measure of occupancy.

At TotalCount we have a range of people counter sensors which are best suited to the physical size of your entrance and your type of business. Contact us for more information.