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Stand-Alone People Counters

Stand-Alone people counters have a sensor and a TC Counter Module. Each time the beam is broken by someone entering or leaving – a count is added to the 4 digit TC Counter Module

They have been designed for easy installation by a person handy with tools, an electrician or a cabler. To enhance reliability, and enable the use of high quality responsive sensors, most of our Stand-Alone People Counters require to be plugged into a 240 Volt power point. 

The 4 digits means the counter goes to 9999. We can supply all our Stand-Alone People Counters with Auto-Halve – progressively halving the count – this suits locations where people enter and leave through the same entrance – and relieves you of having to divide the count by 2, each time the counter is read, to get the traffic figure.

Clients usually reset the count to zero at the end of each day or week. This is done using a magnet – two magnets are included in the pack.

TotalCount’s main range of People Counters include the following: TC-4, TC-6, TC-8, TC-8B, TC- 8P and TC-D . These cover most applications though we can custom build for other requirements.

Stand-Alone People Counters do not connect to computers, the cloud or other devices to record the number of people entering a shop or business. They simply accumulate the count on the TC Counter Module. They do not record the time of day that people visited.

These models are ideal for people wanting a simple tally of counts.

Purchase our Stand-Alone People Counters online or contact us for any further information. They are a cost effective means of finding out how many people walk through your doors.

If you can’t find exactly what you want, contact us, as we have supplied people counters to a huge range of business and special needs.

We have a summary of Entrance Types which may help you decide which of our People Counters would suit your needs.